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This cookbook is the result of three years of weekly English language and cooking sessions, where recipes brought in by women, would be presented, cooked together, eaten together, written about and shared. Many of these dishes were showcased at Heart & Parcel’s popular fundraising supper clubs, local markets, catering and open workshops, where the users of Heart & Parcel’s projects could develop their skills further through business, employment and English language.

During the three years, over 150 women have come through Heart & Parcel’s doors, and some amazing dishes normally cooked in many domestic kitchens across Manchester have been shared with us, and now Heart & Parcel would like to share them with you.

The book is a collection of recipes and stories generously offered by some of the women Heart & Parcel works with. The book contains 29 home-cooked recipes from Syria to China, Greece to Pakistan, Bangladesh to Ethiopia, and many more.  with a selection of hot and cold dishes, warming soups, fresh salads, versatile sides and indulgent sweets. Dumplings are the main attraction, showing favourite parcels such as Tibetan steamed momos, Polish pierogi, Chinese jiaozi and Syrian kibbeh.

All the recipes celebrate the women’s own identities, their daily lives, memories and experiences. Every nourishing recipe is presented alongside its own story from each woman’s memory. The nature of the stories mean each pages is full of personal anecdotes, individual takes on traditional recipes and nostalgic memories surrounding the selected foods.

The book is accompanied by stunning photography from local portrait photographer, Bec Chow. Each section contains spreads of the final dishes, photos of the Heart & Parcel women themselves and of the food being lovingly made in their Manchester kitchens.

The Heart & Parcel Cookbook is an essential kitchen cookbook for anyone who agrees that food is much more than what you see on your plate, gives you a taste of life, social justice, influencing relationships, platforming empowerment, well-being, love, tradition, identity, narrative enjoys reading beyond the dish and trying new flavours, who is concerned with women, identity, social connection, communities, celebrating difference and recognising commonalities, parcels, dumplings for anyone who is interested in getting to know people in their communities, to make those connections. For anyone who wants to connect over food and make dishes together

This book is self-published using only local designers, printers and creators to produce the book. All profits from the book will go back into Heart & Parcel’s projects, providing further English language provision for women from different communities.








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