Northern Chinese Lamb Dumpling Recipe

These dumplings originate from the Hui minority cuisine. The Hui minority (回族) are a predominantly Muslim ethnic group in China who live mainly in the Northwestern areas. As eating pork is forbidden in Islam, their cuisine favours lamb and mutton as a meat, which they find warm and nourishing. Continue reading “Northern Chinese Lamb Dumpling Recipe”


Heart & Parcel ESOL Session #2 – Making Jiaozi

Due to the success of our debut dumpling class at the Welcome Centre, we were invited back in the new year to continue our folding and chatting sessions.

This time we thought we would  make the delicious Jiaozi (饺子). These dumplings originate from China and are traditionally eaten on the eve of Chinese New Year. They take many different forms; their filling, shapes and cooking method varying from province to province.

Continue reading “Heart & Parcel ESOL Session #2 – Making Jiaozi”

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