Unwrapping Poland’s Christmas Parcels

In the last two decades, pierogi (small, filled dumplings) have become the real deal in Poland. The calling card of our cuisine if you like, a worthy representation of our nation abroad along with bigos stew, kabanos sausage and of course Polish chleb (bread).

Pierogi used to only come with the traditional fillings, such as pork, mushroom and cabbage, but these days many more varieties can be found. We have come across flavours such as spinach and feta cheese, buckwheat and lentils – ingredients even our grandmothers couldn’t imagine finding in those tiny parcels!

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Policy, Pierogi and the Perceptions of Women

There are many important issues surrounding our project; their influence indirectly becoming the drive behind Heart & Parcel. Having worked as an English teacher with migrant communities and Karolina working as an advice support worker, I feel the need to discuss the political messages that surround these communities and ESOL, both previously and currently in Britain. I hope this post may shed light as to why increasing numbers of people who, like us work in the third sector and specifically with migrant communities in Britain, are setting up social projects like Heart & Parcel all around the country, and why they are so important in the current political climate.

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